Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Bags For My Knitting

When I am knitting a pair of socks, I like taking them with me when I leave the house. Taking two bags can be a pain and just throwing my project in my purse can turn into a tangled mess, so I decided I needed a small bag.

I have been searching the Internet the last few days looking for a small project bag. I wanted something just big enough to hold a skein of yarn and the sock that I am working on. The first bag I tried was the Grab Bag from Allpeoplequilt.com, it was fairly easy and quick.  I love how it turned out but it called for batting and even though I used thin batting, it is too bulky for what I wanted right now.

 Today when I was searching I came across the "Pouch Bag Tutorial" It was an easy to follow tutorial and it had a lot of great pictures. I finished it in about an hour. I cut my fabric 11 inches by 13 inches and used a 12 inch zipper. I love this bag, it fits nicely in my purse and it holds my skein of yarn and my sock in progress perfectly. 

I would like to make some more but I will have to buy some zippers first. I am going to try the grab bag again, but I am going to use a light to medium interfacing instead of batting and see how it turns out.

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