Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Being Creative.

I feel better when I am being creative, I feel like I enjoy life more too. I want to challenge myself to be creative everyday, it can be something small that is finished that day or part of bigger project. This week has been a sewing week so far.

Monday I worked on my mixer cover, Tuesday I made two Valentines pillows. One I started the embroidery last year and set it aside and the other I used the tutorial over here.  It's not perfect  but that's okay. I plan on making another one and this time I will know what I am doing and I will slow down and be more careful.

Today I decided to make a heart shaped pillow using red and pink strips ( mostly from my retro fabric stash).
When I feel better about myself and life, I am definitely more productive and that's a good thing! Here's to a more creative and productive life.

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