Monday, January 14, 2013

Chewy Granola Bars

I saw this recipe for Chewy Granola Bars on Pinterest and decided to try it out. I have been looking for recipes to try out that I can send to our son, who is deployed

My first go try didn't quite turn out how is was supposed to. I learned, if you are working on limited sleep and in a haze from a cold, you should probably pay closer attention to what you are reading. I saw 1/2 a stick of butter but read it as 1/2 a cup of butter( 1 stick ) so they ended of very buttery but still edible. I also didn't fully read that you were supposed to bring it to a boil and completely skipped that.

My second batch I followed the direction, but added peanut butter to the butter, sugar and honey, before I boiled it. They turned out yummy and held together nicely. Next time though, I will add the peanut butter after I boil it, probably right before I add the granola and crispy rice cereal. My family loved both versions even though I made mistakes. They definitely agreed that I need to make more.

In both recipes I used the mini chocolate chips and the tiny marshmallows and they worked great. I think there are a lot of different combos that can be tried with this recipe and I am looking forward to experimenting with it.

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