Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A New Treasure

My Sixteen year old and her friend have been going to estate sales recently and this last weekend she found this treasure. She sent me a text with a picture asking if I was interested in it and when I saw the price was $15.00 I just couldn't resist.The paint is chipped in place but the stand is in really good condition and the machine inside is just beautiful.
I have tried to find information on it but there isn't a lot out there. I know it is made in Japan and it has Toyota stamped on the bottom of it.
I was checking it out and was looking in the area that the machine folds down into and found a little metal box tucked back in there. I opened it up and was amazed to find it was full of attachments. I am looking forward to trying it out, it sounded like a dream when I tried it out.


Autum said...

Have you used the machine? It looks like it came with some great accessories. Is that a ruffler attachment? Many times those older machines without all the new bells and whistles are more reliable machines than the new ones.

Lisa said...

I haven't sewn on it yet but it sounds wonderful. The cord was taped up in one area and so my Husband wants to fix it before I really sew on it. I am really looking forward to trying it out.