Monday, August 09, 2010

Dog Owners

Dear Dog Owners,

Thank You to all dog owners who clean up after your dogs!!! All others shame on you! Do you realize what it is like to have to dodge your dog's smelly nasty piles? Do you think it is nice and fun to step in it and smell it for the next 2 miles of your walk/run? Or perhaps imagine stepping in it a slipping, that is also not fun. I try and pay close attention when I am walking but sometimes I am distracted by watching for cars or bicycles or other people.

Or how about sitting in your house reading your paper and someone stops and lets their dog poop on your lawn and then walks off! Isn't it fun to have your children track it into your house? I don't understand people, it takes maybe 2 minutes to pick up the mess. I understand that now you have to carry it and smell it, but oh well. Please be responsible dog owners!!!

Sorry for the rant, I am trying to get back into my walking routine and it is just nasty to have to deal with dog piles.

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