Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Que Sera Woes

The minute I saw Que Sera I knew I wanted to try knitting it! It took me a couple of days to decide if I was brave enough and then I pulled out the needles and started knitting. I had a couple of false starts with the lace repeats, not because they are difficult though, it was more of me just not paying attention. I am using stitch markers for each repeat now, and that has helped out a lot.

Here is where the problems start, I have been noticing that perhaps my double moss stitch is all off and maybe isn't looking quite like it should (okay so maybe I didn't pay attention and write down where I was each time I set it down). The thought of ripping it out and starting over has crossed my mind and then I tell myself that nobody will notice but myself and so I keep knitting (yet it keeps bugging me). Then, this morning I was reading the Que Sera KAL forums on Ravelry and someone mentioned that when they did a test block that the sweater seemed big and that maybe they should go down a size. Now I am torn, I know I am putting a lot of work into this and I want to be able to wear it and enjoy it. Would I be happier ripping it out and starting over? Should I keep going?

I will probably try and block it out a little today and see what I come up with and do some thinking about what I want to do. I want to finish the socks I have on the needles, so that I can start a new shawl KAL. Time to go pour a cup of coffee and contemplate my decision....oh yeah and maybe clean the house.
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