Saturday, January 16, 2010

And Now They Are Gone...

Oh how I wished for the days to slow down, I was ready for some peace and quiet away from the holiday busyness. Now, I realize that along with that came a different feeling, a kind of lonely sadness, the feeling of walking around like I lost a part of myself. Our two older boys have now both headed off , back to the places they came from, the younger kids have gone back to school and now the house is so empty and kind of lonely.

The 20 yr old got to spend two weeks at home before he had to return to Germany and our 22 yr old just left for Louisiana after getting to spend a little over a month with us. I feel very blessed and thankful that our whole family (all 7 of us) got to spend Christmas together this year, especially knowing that our 20 yr old will probably be in Afghanistan next Christmas.

I think the next couple of weeks I need to find all my unfinished projects I have going, organize and then finish them. I need to settle into a new routine and not dwell on the emptiness of the house. I know in time I will come to enjoy that quirt peaceful time by myself but it just feels like it is going to take longer this time around.

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