Friday, October 02, 2009

Shirt-Stripe Boxes

I have finally finished my Shirt-Stripe Boxes quilt top! I decided to add a fourth row and am so happy that I went to all that extra work, I am in love with this quilt. It's not perfect and there are some wonky squares here and there but I just love looking at it.
I can see another one of these in my future, though I will definitely go with the ruler and rotary cutter. I will also pay closer attention to the shirts, to make sure the materials are the same weight. I did run into problems when sewing the different weights together. Now I need to decide how I want to quilt it, I will have time to decide on that.

I have started a new quilt and I have picked up my knitting needles again after a 6 month break. I saw the Mystery Sock KAL over at Through the Loops and decided to knit along! I am going to cast on today along with finishing a birthday present for my son's 20th Birthday that he celebrated in while he was in Bulgaria. Since it snows where he is stationed I figured I'd better make him something to keep his head and ears warm. Since we are from California this should be a fun and cold experience for him.

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