Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Knitting Again

I have been knitting a whole lot more than sewing these last two weeks and have been very happy to have my knitting needles back in my hands. I have had the February Lady Sweater on my needles since last Fall I think. I had knit all the way to the beginning of the lace pattern and then walked away, the only thing I can figure is that I got to the lace pattern and felt intimidated by it. The funny thing is, I have been enjoying the lace pattern since I picked it up and started knitting on it again.

I apologize for quality of the pictures, it has been dark and stormy here the last couple of days.

This is My Mystery sock that I am knitting, the yarn is a mystery to me too since I pulled it from my stash and the labels were missing. I am enjoying this knit too! The other item I am knitting are my my Anastasia socks I started about this time last fall. I am still on the first sock but I hope to get moving on these and finish both socks soon. I believe this yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd stripes.
On the sewing machine, are two of my MIL old formals that I am attempting to cut and sew into a southern belle dress for my 10 yr daughter's Halloween costume (hopefully)

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