Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cupcake Pop Attempt

I have been visiting Bakerella's blog for quite awhile now, admiring her work and wanting to try it for myself. Last week My 15 yr old told me she saw Bakerella's Cupcake Pops and wanted us to make them for her friends Birthday. Saturday I went a picked up a few things we needed, passing on the cookie cutter because I had one I thought would work and not getting anything for the coating because I just knew I had white and chocolate bark in the freezer. Saturday afternoon I baked the cake and Sunday I got to work making them.
Here is Step 1 the cake crumbles,I put mine through my food processor.
Step 2 We added the cream cheese frosting.
In step 3 we mixed the frosting and cake crumbs together.
Then in step 4 we rolled it into balls and then put them in the refrigerator for a few hours. This was very messy and washing your hands frequently like suggested really helps.
Now in step 5 you are supposed to use the cookie cutter to shape them into what looks like a cupcake shape. Well, that is, of course if you have the right size cookie cutter. My cookie cutter was just a little too big, I should have measured it instead of guessing.
Step 6 you melt the chocolate and dip the bottoms and insert the lollipop sticks. I used the chocolate bark and I think it was a little to thick, so next time I will thin it a little.
I didn't have the white chocolate bark like I thought and the store didn't have the bark, (in my store I guess they only carry it at Christmas) so I used white chocolate chunks which worked fine. We added fall sprinkles which looked really cute and even though they don't look like cupcakes they were still fun to make and are absolutely yummy!
Packaged and ready to share!! I have been urging the family to please share them, give your friends two or three! They are evil little things, lurking in my freezer calling me to eat them and I am never going to lose my weight if they stay in my house!! These were very fun to make and I will try them again with the correct cookie cutter.

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