Friday, August 28, 2009

Break From Our Regular Scheduled Programming

I woke up this morning and decided I needed a break from shirt stripes! Since the beginning of August, I have been working exclusively on my shirt stripe boxes quilt and I just need a little break.

I was looking at my dining room table last night and realized it looks boring (or messy, since that is where the kiddos do their homework and leave all their stuff) We had bought two really nice amber colored glass candle holders on the clearance aisle at Michael's (love that!) and I remembered that I had some Joel Dewberry fabrics in my sewing room waiting for a project. I think between walking, working in my daughter's classroom, cleaning house, and picking up kids I will be making a table runner and maybe some placemats. It will probably turn into a weekend project but hopefully I can get a good start on it today and get those creative juices flowing again (I have kinda been in a creative funk lately).

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