Monday, July 13, 2009

Reusable Shopping Bags

Bags, bags, bags! Oh how I love bags! My husband teases me sometimes because of my obsession with bags. We like to frequent our farmer's market when it is going, it is kinda like a date for us. We'll grab some coffee at home or on the go and then walk around buying up yummy produce, nuts, bakery items and even local olive oil, then maybe to the library (which is right next door) for some books and sometimes off to one of the local pubs for a Guinness and some lunch.

Okay so back the bags, we have found that it would be so much easier to have a nice bag or basket to carry the wonderful goodies that we buy. Hubby bought a couple of the reusable bags our grocery store sells but they just weren't cute enough for me. So I found a couple of free patterns off the Internet and decided to try them out. Last week my 15 yr old daughter and I headed out to the fabric store with a mission, canvas material for my bags. When we got there, they had fliers with a 40% off one item coupon! I found some canvas type fabric at 4.99 a yard and bought 6 yards of it (using the 40% coupon, and then I bought 5 yards of some heavy weight decorators fabric off the clearance tables, spending about 28.00 for all of it. I love a good deal!
I saw this tote and liked it, I made a few changes but I am happy with the bag and so is hubby, he has already claimed it.
The other bag the "Fat Sack" I found here, I have been wanting to make this bag forever.
I loved this pattern, it was well written and very easy to follow and the end result is exactly what I have been wanting.
The plan was to make a couple of bags for farmer's market but I am well on my way to having enough for my weekly grocery shopping.


ria said...

i loved the second design. it's so red.

Lisa said...

Thank you ria! Those are my favorite too.