Saturday, May 23, 2009

Playing With Fabric

I have had some fabric that I have been wanting to sew with for awhile now, I just couldn't decide what it should be. So yesterday I decided I needed to change the pillow covers on my couch pillows. I just wanted to play with the fabric. What I came up with is a little crazy maybe, but I like it. I have a problem with just going forward and being bold and playful because I am afraid of messing up and ruining precious fabric. They might be a bit bright for the living room but they feel summery so maybe they will stay for now.
My next project is a quilt that I saw when I was visiting one of my friends. So I will be cutting fabric for the next week probably (I am a slow cutter because I hate cutting fabric).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lisa you did great on those pillows. For a fall color girl you really did step out of the box. Very cheerful.