Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finished Quilts

I finally finished it!! I have been working on this Faux Log Cabin quilt for about 7 years and it is one of my very first quilts. I started it and then we moved and I put my sewing away for awhile and every so often I would pull it out and do some work on it only to be bored and put it away. When I got back into sewing I decided it was time to finish it, it took a few months because I had other projects going, but here it is. As I laid out my blocks and tried to find a good layout for it, I realized how much I have learned through the years about quilting (even when I wasn't quilting). I look at my fabric and the final outcome of the quilt a little more and of course my choice of colors would be completely different now. It took forever to find a way to coordinate the blocks to look good and finally chose this layout. It isn't perfect but I do love it. It has become my cuddle blanket for when I am watching T.V. or reading and I am sure when we start hanging out in our candlelit backyard you will find it there too.
I have been working on a baby quilt the last couple of weeks, trying to get it completed before we head off to Georgia next week. We have a new baby girl in the family ( our nephew's) and I decided to make a quilt for her.

I feel in love with the Colorful Coins Quilt and decided to make it in the colors they have used in the nursery. The Pattern was great! It was easy to follow and I loved the outcome.

When we travel to Georgia for our son's graduation from Basic training, will be seeing our oldest son who will be traveling from school in Louisiana and hopefully our nephew too. I am so excited I got the quilt done in time to give to them while we are there.
I used flannel for the backing and the natural cotton batting. I used free-motion quilting for the flowers on the pink blocks and the stippling on the brown blocks and borders. I am still learning the free-motion quilting but I am happy with the outcome of my quilts. It is always fun to make something for someone else with the hope they will enjoy it and knowing even if they don't I had fun making it.

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