Monday, February 02, 2009


It was hard to decide, but I went with Option 2! I cut out my triangles and sewed up my rows and have been waiting for Part 8 (which, I now see has been posted yea!!) I wanted something to make the house feel Februaryish, I wanted hearts and I wanted to do some handwork while I watched t.v. at night, so I created these pillow covers. I figured if I made pillow covers, I could change with the seasons. I am really enjoying them and now I need to plan the next ones. I will point out, that I have a stray string on the pink one I need to go and cut, I was just too lazy to do it at the time.


Kim said...

Hi Lisa!
Good news -- the final steps (of the quilt top) are posted on the new blog - Then we'll move on to the quilting part. :) Thanks for being a part of it!

Oh, and I love the pillows, too! Those turned out really beautiful.

Kim :)

Lisa said...

Thank you Kim!!