Monday, October 06, 2008

A Beautiful Day

We Drove into San Fransisco on Saturday to enjoy the music of Joe Purdy, he was playing at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. This was the view as we came into the city, I don't think I will ever get tired of going to the city. We thought it might rain all day, but we were rewarded with cool breezes and and beautiful blue skies.
This was the first time we had ever been to Golden Gate Park. It was so beautiful and I can't wait to go back and take the kiddos. We parked about 30 blocks away and walked through the park until we got to the festival. I had no idea the park was this beautiful! I always knew it was there, it was just one place we had never visited.
When we got to the festival the first stage we came upon was the one we wanted which was great because I was tired and thirsty by then. We found a great spot at the top of the hill set out our chairs and I opened my Guinness and enjoyed the scenery and great music. We listened to some great bands and enjoyed our picnic lunch while we were waiting for Joe to come out. For being a free concert everything seemed smooth and nice, people were polite and picked up after themselves, it just made for a nice relaxed day. Joe Purdy was great!! We were able to meet him afterwards and he just seemed down to earth and nice. We bought more of his cd's to enjoy while we sit on the back patio.
After the concert we walked back to the car and headed to the wharf area to have dinner at a pub we discovered the last time we were in the city. It was an amazing day and I was sad to say goodbye until the next time.

Before we left I had to take one last parting shot to remind me of the wonderful day in my favorite city!

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