Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wrist warmers

My Cornflower Mitts are finished! I love them, they help keep my hands warm when I knit at night. My Husband appreciates them because now I won't have fingers that feel like ice cubes after I knit. I ended up going down 2 needle sizes, the pattern suggested a size 8 and the closest I had was a set of 7's. I felt the fabric was too bulky and a little big, so went down to my size 6 needles. My 12 yr old spotted them and immediately asked for some, so I started a pair of fetching for her in black (Cascade 220 left over from the AP bag).

Now, I want to share something I bought this summer. I was shopping at a thrift store and came across some craft books for a dollar each, they had a little of everything so I bought them. When I got them home, I looked through them more in depth and realized that even though a lot of the styles were way out of date the techniques were timeless. I immediately went to ebay and found a set of 21 (#20 was missing when I got them grrrrr). They have knitting, sewing, crochet, other needlework, some paper crafts, etc.... Here are some of the patterns.

I could see myself knitting this turtleneck
I also like these crocheted potholders
Umm how about a knitted monkey!

There were of course lots of things I thought were completely hideous and other things that though, I wouldn't make them they were kind of cute.

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