Monday, January 08, 2007

It's Monday

Wow I cannot believe Christmas vacation is over, I'm not ready to get back into the whole schooling thing. I started getting sick the weekend before Christmas, felt a lot better by Christmas but it just seems to be lingering a bit. Maybe I will feel better once we get back into a routine.
Jayne, yes I am really knitting your bag! I have the body done and the ends are all weaved/woven (5:30 am LOL). I will try and get a picture of my progress up today.
I have on sleeve and side seam sewn on my DH's sweater YEA! I was getting a little stressed doing the mattress stitching last night so I had to set it down, but I did have him try it on first and the seaming looked good.
I reached the heel of the socks I was doing on two needles and couldn't figure out how to do it it so I switched to one needle trying to work it like the Magic loop pictures. It isn't working so I will have free up some size one DPNs to finish these.
Well time to get a start on the day!

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jayne said...

Cool...can't wait to see. I hope you found the pattern to be clear enough.

In the side-bar pattern for the bag on my blog, I've got photos of the second bag pre-felting. They show more detail on the construction.