Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I have been doing very little knitting lately, I did start a new project that I have been working on a little. I saw a purse pattern on See Jayne Knit that I fell in love with, so I used my gift certificate from Christmas to buy the yarn.
I did wash and block my Husband's sweater I just need to find the courage (scared of doing it wrong) to seam it. I have researched and practiced my mattress stitch, wow I love this why haven't I used it sooner! It looks so much nicer than back stitching.
I am spending the day being lazy today, DH made breakfast, I've done some laundry, made a batch of peanut butter fudge, and made myself a cappuccino, with my Mukka Express I got for Christmas.

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