Monday, October 16, 2006


Over at The Giving Flower she asked for everyone to show off their handknit socks, in honor of Sock Month!! So here are all my hand knit socks! I guess now that I have them downstairs and all together I could wash them and have them ready for the winter months. Sorry for the dark picture but it is a beautiful overcast day today.

Speaking of socks, I have like 4 pairs going, all at different stages. Either the pattern was difficult, boring, the yarn so thin it was taking too long, or that I was doing two socks at once and the yarn keeps getting tangled. I see that project bags laying around and I feel so bad about leaving them but.......hopefully soon I will pick them up again. I love socks and I really do like to knit them, if the conditions are right. I really love when you get to the end and all the ends are woven in and you slip them on your feet... ahhhh what a feeling knowing you made them and they are so pretty , soft and warm. Hmmmm maybe I should get busy.

Have a Great Day!

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kimberly said...

I love your sock picture!!! Isn't it fun to see all the socks you've knit in one pile. I think knit socks are the best-you can use colors and patterns you never would have used for an entire sweater. FUN FUN Don't worry about the four started socks, they'll get done when the time is right.;)