Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Knitting

Summer Knitting! When it isn't too warm I am still knitting. I have 4 projects going right now (what is new) First is the Flower Petal Shawl from Elann using their Peruvian Collection Pure Alpaca which is so soft. I only have a hundred and some rows to go!!

Next up is a Log Cabin blanket for my 5 yr old. I am using Sugar n' Cream cotton in his favorite colors. Now that I look at the picture I am not so sure I am liking it. I really would hate to rip it out, he is so anxious to have it finished.

The next project is supposed to be a dish cloth also knitted with Sugar n' Cream cotton. I cast on the 50 stitches it asked for not even thinking at the time, after about 10 rows I realized how big it was. I decided I could get more yarn and keep knitting to make a hand towel and then change the numbers up and make a smaller dish cloth to match. If it works out ok I may buy more to make some Christmas gifts, I can see them in a gift basket with some lotions and soaps maybe.

I am still working on my Socks, though I haven't picked them up in a week. I would like to stay committed to these projects and get them finished before Summer ends.

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