Friday, June 23, 2006

Coffee Cups

Ok let's talk coffee cups or mugs whichever you prefer. I have my favorite, I drink from it all the time. If I pour my own coffee, it is what I grab, if it is dirty I will wash it. Even at 5:00 am I will stand in a morning fog at the sink and wash my coffee cup so I can use it. I tend to feel a tinge of disappointment if Hubby pours coffee and brings a random cup (ok I am grateful he thought of me).
I spent a lot of time shopping for the perfect coffee cup, we were at Disneyland and I wanted a souvenir (which by the way are expensive). I decided a coffee cup would be the way to go since I love my coffee. I tried all the cups, big and small, fat and tall, heavy and light, until I settled on the perfect one. It is perfect, it holds quite a bit, but not too much, it keeps my coffee warm, comfortable to hold and I think its pretty.
So, tell me am I just weird or are there others like me. Do you have a favorite Coffee Cup?

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Ruth said...

when i was younger, i had my own favorite cup. i let my family know about it so no one else would use it. =)

now, it doesn't matter too much. but i'll have friends come over or visit from out of town, and some of them have favorite cups, so i make sure those are available and clean when they are visiting us. =)