Wednesday, December 07, 2005

UGHHH the Smell

Sunday evening, I THOUGHT I heard a hissing sound from the direction of the coffee pot, so I looked around and nothing! I put it out of my mind and went to bed. Monday I get up get my coffee, read my email and read an assortment of blogs and think nothing of the hissing sound. Finally after taking one son to school I go back for another round of coffee and I here the hissing sound again so I call oldest son in and ask if he hears it, He hears it! ( I We start searching for it, it's not the coffee pot, not the sink, hmmmm could an aerosol can be under the kitchen sink? No! A pipe has a HOLE in it and is spraying a heavy mist all over the cabinet wall towards the dishwasher, towards the family room wall and all over an electrical outlet GRRR. Son turns off the water for me, so no hot water and no dishwasher for the day.

Several hours later I wondered if the wall to the family room was wet and of course it was (duh). As I stood there checking the wall I felt a cold wetness seeping up through my fuzzy feet! The carpet was SOAKED with water and it was then I realized the bad smell I was smelling the night before, the one I kept accusing my family of creating, was the wet carpet and carpet pad. I had my Mom's carpet cleaner so I got a lot of the water out with that, then I brought in the big powerful fan (man it was cold in there) and tried drying it with that. Now three days later.... It is STILL damp and it smells terrible in my house.

Knitting has taken a back seat to reading since Saturday. I need to pick my knitting back up because I still have a sock and a slipper to finish. I also have some gifts to sew and stamp, I better get busy.

I will try and get knitting pictures up tomorrow. I promised the kiddos we would decorate the tree and they are getting impatient with me, so I better do that today.

Have a Great Day!

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