Friday, November 18, 2005

I Have New Fuzzy Feet!

The Steps to making Fuzzy Feet;
1. Get the Fuzzy Feet Pattern
2.Knit them up in yummy colored yarn.

Mmmmm I LOVE Fuzzy Feet! They keep my feet so toasty warm. This is officially the third pair I have made for myself. I keep wearing them out. I used Lambs's Pride worsted weight to make them.

Hmmm a little bit big, I guess I better do something about that.
3. Throw them in the washer with your jeans. (ok now, I just realized I didn't use my zippered pillow case, and you really should so that you don't get yarn fuzzies clogging up your machine.)
4. Turn it to HOT water and start the washer.

Ahhh the smell of wet wool! My kids love it, NOT.
5. I send them through two complete cycles or until there is no stitch definition left.

6. Last step is to put them on and shape them to your feet.

Now enjoy!
I have now started a pair of socks for my 7 yr old. I would like to finish them in two weeks, so we will see what happens.

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