Friday, September 02, 2005


Ok I hunted for and found DH's camera (I think he needs to change the date, seeing that it is wrong) and took a picture of my Multidirectional Scarf. After some brain work I figured out what I did wrong, so I frogged the third triangle and started over. Once I knew what I was doing, I found I didn't really need to count my stitches and it became really nice T.V. knitting. The colors seem to work together nicely and I am enjoying the color changes.

Our first week of school is over and we survived. The last two days were much better. I think we are finally finding a way to make it all work. Of course, my first grader still complains about it being hard and having too much work. I definitely feel better and my attitude is better too.

My son's first college football game is this weekend, I can't wait to go watch. I absolutely HATE NFL Football, but I love watching High School and college football.

Have a Great Day!

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