Friday, August 26, 2005


Well, it is time to start school again. I have enjoyed my lazy summer days (except for the zillion dentist appointments we have had) and now they are over.

The oldest will be starting College Monday, I think that is the hardest to deal with. Where did all the time go? He was just a little baby and now, he is a very nice young man. The next one is still in highschool and then I will be homeschooling the next three, well the youngest will be doing just a little bit. As always for the last three years, when school starts I start wondering about my ability to teach my children. Can I do it? Will I mess them up? Will they be okay? I also start wondering; Have I lost my mind? Having had the older boys in the public school system their whole lives, I had the time where you sent the kids off to school and had lot's of time to do whatever (like clean the house, go somewhere, craft, etc...)now it is different I try to do those things and teach :-). I know it will be okay but the days before school are always anxious ones and then when school starts I calm down and get into the groove.

Knitting: Yes I have been knitting! I am still working on my Shawl from Knitters Almanac. I also am working on a scarf, knit on the bias (found the pattern at the back of my Scarf Style book. I am using Lion Suede Prints in Vineyard (the colors made me think of fall). I finished a bag and am working to finish knitting on a strap on the other one. When I finish these projects I need to pick up my Chicknits Ribbie and finish it. ( I just might be able to finish it before the end of winter ).

Have a Great Day!

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