Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Multidirectional Scarf

No pictures today! There are a couple of reason for this, one being that when I went to take pictures the camera battery was dead. I received this camera for Christmas this year so I am a little angry that when I took the battery out to charge the little PLASTIC piece that holds the battery in (you know a something that will be taken out repeatedly to be charged) broke off. So today I need to call the company and complain.

Now the second reason which is not so fun to admit, is that I messed up LOL! I was knitting away enjoying the changing colors every two rows, interesting enough so that I wasn't bored,easy enough I thought, when I realized it was all wrong. I had knit the third triangle wrong, my live stitches were where the shouldn't have been and my scarf looked terribly wonky. So today I will have to pull that triangle out and figure out what happened.

I am using some Lion Brand Imagine I had in my stash, which I do like when knitting with a single skein, but knitting with two separate skeins is hmmm..... a disaster. They become tangled up and since they are a tiny bit fuzzy they stick together.

Getting back into the school schedule has been a little bit hard, the second day was much better than the first. I am very happy I did not let my E.C. (education coordinator) talk me into putting my 4 1/2 year old son int o Kindergarten, he is just not ready. I have brought him to the the table a couple of times, but he gets bored, frustrated, etc.... he just needs to develop some more before he is ready. I will keep working with him but just a little bit at a time.

Before, we have had a quiet house in the mornings to do our work in, with minimal interruptions. Now that my oldest Son has started college, he pops in after classes, gets food, watches T.V., wants to talk (yes, I know this is a good thing), takes a nap, and then goes off to football practice. I warned him if he hangs around enough I may put him to work with the girls :-). Maybe I should put him in charge of P.E. time which is not my favorite.

Maybe tomorrow there will be pictures, that is if I feel like dragging out the old (huge) camera and using it.

Have A Great Day!

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