Thursday, July 14, 2005

Summer Knitting

Time to update my Blog once again! It is summer so all the kids are out of school but we still have football practice, summer jobs, friends to visit, dentist and doctor's appointments and the list goes on and on. It is nice to have a formal schedule though the kids do get bored and that is when the skirmishes break out LOL.
Here is a picture of my one lone tomato the package was labeled Roma but it doesn't look like one to me. It hasn't been hot for long enough at a time so I guess my tomato plant hasn't been happy enough to produce more.
Maybe now that the heat has hit Triple digits it will do better!? This has been a very odd summer for weather, though I have really enjoyed the cooler weather. I, so wish we had a built in pool, but since we don't we will just enjoy our little one.

Here is my new tank! I finished it this last weekend. I LOVE it, except I need to shorten the straps or I will be showing way too much off. The pattern was from Creative knitting magazine and the pattern was simple and easy to follow (just what I need). I used Cotton-Ease yarn that I found at Tuesday Morning (it took 3 full skeins and part of a 4th).

Simply Tank Posted by Picasa
Excuse the odd look on my face but I was facing the sun which of course made me squint .
I also designed and knit up a water bottle carrier and gifted it to my SIL. She seemed to really like it (oops forgot to take a picture of it). So now I am making a second on for another SIL.
Well the fighting has ensued here at my house so.......
Have A Great Day!!!!

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