Friday, June 17, 2005

Tired of the Mess

My Very Disorganized Stash Posted by Hello

Now that we have school out of the way I decided to clean up my knitting and yarn. I have tote bags stashed here and there with forgotten projects, project I hate, projects in progress I just set aside, etc....

I gathered it all together in my bedroom and what a mess it was. I ripped out hated projects, put the cottons, wools, sock yarns into groups. I decided to list all my ongoing projects and boy! Was I embarrassed to see I had like 20 of them
so kept out the ones I wanted to work on for now put the and put the rest away but my plan is too clear up the list LOL.

I do feel so much better that things are cleaned up and more organized and I also feel like using the yarn I have! Ok I did go to Tuesday Morning and bought some Cotton-Ease, I was able to buy 9 skeins for just $12.00 .

Have a great day!

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