Monday, April 11, 2005

I love Bags

Bags, Bags, and more Bags! Posted by Hello

I have been knitting, though I have not been blogging (read very LAZY). We were gone for a week to take the kiddos to Disneyland. It was busy (of course! We went during Easter Vacation so what would one expect LOL ) but we had a great time! I worked on my Ribbed Cardi while we were gone and got clear up to the arm hole decreases when I realized AGHHHH one side had more ribs then the other so I had to Rippppppp! I haven't had the heart to pick it back up yet. I had hoped to visit some yarn shops in Southern CA before we left but I was to tired! My feet felt like they were going to die from all the constant walking (at least 12 hrs a day)

In the mean time I picked up a forgotten project, an Entrelac knapsack I picked it up from eBay last year and worked on it until I got stuck (LAZY) and put it aside for 6 months. I love it!! I want to make another one.

I also visited a yarn shop I just found and picked up some cascade 220 to make the VERY CUTE Button hole bag found at Mason-Dixon Knitting. This is a great pattern I made mine a few rows bigger and I added a few rows to the handle. My 11 yr old wanted one so I used the left overs to make her one, now I just need to weave in the ends and throw it in the washer.

This weekend I worked on a wrap using a pattern and some yarn I bought from eBay it is a simple drop stitch pattern very easy but this yarn just sticks to my dry hands so after awhile it gets to me. I also helped my Husband add a new wireless broadband router to our home network. It took forever and I had to call 2 different tech. supports but all the computers are finally linked and have internet access and it seems to be faster now.

Have a Great Day!

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