Wednesday, February 09, 2005


No new pictures to show today! I have barely started the second sleeve on the gansey and I haven't picked up my Pretty Comfy Socks since Friday.

I have made progress on the sleeve, just not a whole lot. I picked it up Monday night and couldn't figure why I couldn't get it to follow the chart. So I pulled it all out only to find out when I got back to that place that I had been trying to follow the chart from the beginning and not from where it says to start the arm. Worked on it for awhile yesterday while the girls were at classes, then again last night.

While I was working on it last night I realized I dropped a stitch on the cable, so I pulled back just the cable and picked back up the stitches (not the best thing to do while watching the 2 hour finale of Amazing Race). Once I fixed that, I continued on and right before I was about to put my knitting away I realized I forgot to do a cable 6 rows back so I had to of course fix that. Last night was just one big DUH!!! Needless to say I was happy to just go to bed and sleep LOL.

This is Wednesday so I am off to finish cookies for the youth group at church.

Have a Great Day!

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