Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sock Day

Basic Ribbed Socks Posted by Hello

A little dark sorry but it is foggy (or froggy as the little ones say) this morning! I pulled the out of my unfinished pile and decided to finish them. I know the stripes don't match but I figured the colors were so busy, who was going to be able to tell anyway LOL! I picked them up last Thursday (I was midway through the leg of the second sock) and will finish the toe of the second sock today! Yes I know I am slow, of course I only knit an hour here and an hour there plus I did the heel wrong and had to pull it out and redo it. I am Regia Crazy on these and using basic ribbed pattern(K3, P1) and a Sherman Heel and Toe, found here:http://hipknitism.com/classes/basic_ribbed_socks. I do Like how the heel fits and will probably do another pair of these down the road.

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