Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sock Day

Pretty Comfy Sock Posted by Hello

Today will be sock day! I am taking a short break from my Husband's Gansey to work on some socks.

These socks ( should be THIS SOCK since this is just the first one of the pair) are almost a year old, I started them last year on our trip to Seattle. I love them but I think following the pattern discouraged me. I need almost complete silence or at least no interruptions to knit on more complicated patterns and with 5 kids and a Husband that doesn't happen very often. I am thinking though, now that I have accomplished following the pattern in my husbands sweater that I can do this. So after I finish the Basic Ribbed Socks today. I will make this my travel around and waiting project. I am almost done with the pattern on the leg, just one more pattern repeat before I start the heel.

I just need to make sure I don't throw the sweater to the wayside I MUST FINISH IT.

I also have to make Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Youth Group tomorrow night!!
Have A Great Day!

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