Monday, February 21, 2005


Finished Sweater After Posted by Hello

Ummm can we say IDIOT!!! The directions called for making the sweater at a bigger gauge and then washing it twice to bring it to a smaller size. I of course used a different yarn but I did do a test swatch and I did wash it. But..... It felted way beyond what it was supposed to. I SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE CAREFUL! I am crushed I worked so hard to do this for him and I ruined it.
I cried and I went into a depressed mood and soon realized I guess I could cut it up the front and add a zipper to it. I would then have a VERY thick, warm cardigan for myself, so I felt a bit better that it could possibly be usable.

I think if I do the sweater again I will do it on a smaller needle and make it so it doesn't need any felting to make it wearable. I will save the felting for things that are supposed to be felted like Fuzzy Feet or the Booga Bag!

Well Life will go on and I think I will continue to knit and learn from my mistakes I am sure this won't be my first.

Have A Great Day!

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