Thursday, February 03, 2005

New Sock Choices

New Sock Choices Posted by Hello

I was looking at my sock yarn and trying to decide which one I want to knit with next. The purple one is Lorna's Laces and I was kind of thinking of using the Broadripple pattern, The Regia in the back abd the multi colored one on the top, might become another pair of Basic ribbed socks, and the one on the bottom left which is really calling out to me would probably be just a plain basic sock.

I still have to finish my Pretty Comfy Socks, just doing a little planning on the side. I worked the short row heel (don't know if it is correct) I felt really confused by the directions and the fixation yarn makes it hard to see the wraps. We'll see what happens when I try it on. Watching the pattern come together while I am knitting just amazes me (or maybe I am too easily entertained LOL) . My hands weren't hurting as much today while I was knitting so that is good.

I did pull out my Husbands sweater to work on last night, we had church last night so I only had about 45 minutes to knit, the sleeve is coming along though. I will pull it out again tonight and maybe I can finish the first sleeve tonight. Of course that is wishful thinking but I will try.

We ventured over to the library today after gymnastics, I wanted to look for knitting books but nothing was in. I think I will put a hold on Scarf Style, I have flipped through it a couple of times at the store and I have liked what I have seen, so I think it deserves a really good look through.

I'm thinking that next week I will post all my current projects (unfinished) and projects I have in the waiting. Maybe it will hurt enough to make me get to work. I am really good at starting a project then getting frustrated and throwing it in a cupboard and forgetting about it. Okay trying to forget about it, but really it lingers in the back of my brain and calls out to me once on awhile just to make me feel guilty.

Have a Great Day!

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