Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning Posted by Hello

This is what it looked like on the way to class. I could barely see one and a half car lengths in front of me. It is a strange feeling to drive in the fog when it is thick, you kind of feel like you are alone and no one else is around. Roads that are so familiar are now very unfamiliar and you can become so unsure of yourself and your surroundings. We of course made it safely and when class was over we walked out to blue skies and sunshine, it was just lovely.

While the kids were in class I worked on my pretty comfy sock. I started the short row heel and soon became confused (whats new? LOL ) so I am going to read some more about it today and pick it back up tomorrow. I now remember why I put it down though, I am using a size 3 12-inch circular and after just a few stitches boy do my wrists hurt. I may have to switch over to Dpns. The pattern is just beautiful and I love watching it emerge as I knit.

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Biranta said...

Hello! Here we have sun, but it´s cold!