Monday, January 24, 2005

The Weekend

Gray Foggy Days Posted by Hello

We have had days and days of this gray foggy weather. After awhile it starts to get you down. So my wonderful Husband drove me to the hills to find some beautiful sunshine and blue skies.

We took youngest son to see the train museum and to possibly ride the train but to his disappointment, it doesn't run until April. So we looked around and let him see all the old trains.

We then headed off to the next town which has two yarn shops. The first one had just a small selection but they were very nice. The second one seemed so warm and welcoming when you walked in the door. Hubby found a nice comfy couch, son found a box of toys, and I found two big walls of yarn. I looked and I touched but nothing was calling my name. I finally zeroed in on some Manos Del Uruguay in the prairie colorway (way expensive at 15.00 dollars a skein). I was thinking about making a ribbed scarf so I was going to grab two until....... One of the employees talked to me in a rude manner. I guess I am just too sensitive! At that moment I told my son to put away the toys and let my somewhat surprised Husband know that I was indeed done looking and I would be going home without any yarn.

I was a bit disappointed, I really didn't need any yarn though. All in all we had a GREAT day and being able to see the blue skies and feel the warmth of the sun was just wonderful. We still have gray foggy skies here at home, but my spirits are most definitely lifted.

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