Saturday, January 15, 2005

Time to catch up!

Wow! I had no idea it had been so long. I know that I had become quite disillusioned with blogging during the whole presidential election. I am a very sensitive, kind person and just the anger and unkind words being said were very hurtful (even if they don't know me and were not saying them to me). Okay, so I got past that and quit reading those blogs, which made me feel much better.

Christmas was wonderful, I love this time of year. Our Church does a Living Nativity that just touches my heart. Now that I am Homeschooling my two daughters I don't have time for the baking I used to do for friends and family and that is a bit hard. I am still learning this process of how it all works and when vacation time hit I basically crashed ( became a lazy blob). We had two get together on Christmas Eve and then we stayed home on Christmas (it was wonderful). I did get up early to prepare the stuffing and the turkey, while I was preparing that I put a cinnamon pull apart bread in the oven, all the smell were so lovely. My mom came over for dinner and the rest of the day and it was just relaxing and enjoyable day.

My husband is our Church's youth leader and we had planned to take the youth to the snow New Years Eve but storms in our area prevented that. There is no way I am going to take someone else's children to the mountains in unpredictable weather.

We are now back into the school schedule and I think we are doing okay. I AM knitting! I started a sweater for my husband for Christmas but soon realized it wouldn't be done in time, so I set it aside to work on some other things. Like : 3 knitted hats and 2 knitted scarfs (which were finished the 23 rd of Dec. ) The hats were for my husband and sons , one scarf was for my Niece and the other was for my Nephew's girlfriend. I have been working on my DH's sweater most of the time no and I am almost ready to start the sleeves (pictures next time) It is the first charted work I have done. When I am done with that I have the yarn to knit this
I bought the yarn awhile back but told myself I had to finish my DH's sweater first. I also pulled out a pair of socks I was making for my 4 yr old and finished those, they had been sitting around for about a year so I had to pull the toe out on the finished one and make it longer. I have to have small projects for when I am on the go, so now I will pull out another unfinished pair
of socks and finish those. I usually knit small projects when I take my daughter to Spanish class and when I take the girls to gymnastics or just various appts. Then I spend my evenings knitting my big projects.

Well if anyone is still reading this very boring post LOL, I will end it now and I promise to have pictures in my next post. I am using the laptop for this post and it doesn't have my camera software on it.

Have a good day!

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