Thursday, January 27, 2005

Thursday, January 27

Old Way Gansey Posted by Hello

A sleeve! Ok well I am getting there. I just finished the chart work on the sleeve (boy the digital camera has a hard time picking that up) now it is pretty much straight knitting from there. I really like the no seaming on the sweater, of course it has become pretty bulky. I have seamed only two sweater so far and well, they just don't fit right. My sweater feel weird at the arms, but it looks ok so I wear it occasionally. My son's sweater fits really sloppy and the hood looks weird. I don't know how to fix them so I just leave them. I am enjoying this sweater and feel I will probably make another one in the future. It has an easy chart to remember, once I got used to it and it has been a fun knit.

I was working with my 6 yr old yesterday (she is in Kindergarten) and we were talking about communities. We were discussing what you might find in a community (building, stores, people etc...) she mentioned Target, which happens to be our very favorite store, so I asked her what she would buy from Target, her response was "clothes, TECHNOLOGY, toys". I had to stop her and ask "technology?" I had never heard her use that word and it really surprised me, she grinned really big and said she heard it on T.V. , so we had a little laugh together and then we discussed what technology was. They can come up with the greatest things at this age!

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