Saturday, September 18, 2004

A New Day

I am so glad that we get a new day! A fresh start from yesterday. Yesterday was just plain stupid, I don't even know why, It just seem to flow that way.

Both of my Sons had football games last night, the younger one's team won, but the Varsity got blown out. It was hard to watch, it just seemed like some of them didn't care and the rest were frustrated. It doesn't help that they get to hear crap at school from their peers but the coaches of the other tema seem to share with their teams how the Varsity team is terrible and that they are pretty much hopeless.

Boy, was it cold and windy last night, last week we wore shorts to the game and we were still sweating, this week we wore shorts and took sweatshirts brrrrr. The little ones were freezing, they did pretty good though for having to sit for 3 hours.

I haven't really knitted a lot the last couple of days, my heart just hasn't been in it, but I feel that changing and I plan to sit down and work on the shawl for the ministry program. It won't be done by tomorrow but I will take it and lay it out for people to see. I still have to create a poster for it (nothing like last minute huh?)

Have a great NEW day!


Lillium said...

It makes alot of difference to the players when the other students' expectations for their team is so low. Why the school body can't just appreciate the players and enjoy the season is beyond me. I was so bummed that Jbird's high school didn't have a "gather around the pole". J joined FCA and is really disappointed by the lack of vision and participation in his school.

I loved going and taking days with Jbird like you mentioned in one of your posts. One of my favorites was to go to Burt's Pumpkin Farm - always a lovely day. I really do miss homeschooling - I guess there is a part of me that both God and J will change their minds about him being in high school. But in my heart I know that isn't going to happen and that it is time for me to move on to the next season of my life.

Lisa said...


Thank you for your comments!!

FCA is that Fellowship of Christian Athletes? My sons have just joined that. I think it is wonderful for them to get involved in something like that away from regular church attendance.