Monday, August 09, 2004

Wonderful Weekend

See Picture above!!!

Here is the front and back of the hooded sweatshirt (unblocked). I was able to get a huge chunk of the front done while we were away this weekend.

My Husband and I went away this weekend and it was so nice. We headed over to the coast and just did whatever we wanted to do. Sunday morning we sat by the ocean for two hours just listening to the sound of the ocean waves, DH read the newspaper and I spent my time knitting ( so relaxing).

I did visit a wonderful, friendly yarn shop ( I am always a little wary that when I go in I will be snubbed!), The Lady was very warm and chatty. I ended up buying some Frog Tree alpaca wool to make a beautiful shawl they had on display (no picture). I will have to finish my son's sweater first since I will need the size 8 needle.

We went into the city for dinner Friday night and I couldn't help noticing several very cute summery ponchos I am sure they were from a store, but I can't help wondering if I could find a similar patterns out there (if I was really good, I would just make it up but.... That won't happen LOL).

On a frustrated note today is of course Monday and it started out acting like a
Monday! I woke up to coffee all over the counter and the floor of the kitchen AGHH! I'm not sure what happened.The night before, I set the coffee pot up just like I always do, so I don't know if there was some water in there already or if I didn't have the carafe in there just right. So I cleaned it all up and decided I was awake enough not to go back to bed, but sleepy enough that I wanted coffee, guess what!! It wouldn't work. Apparently the controls, which are at the bottom, got wet. Fortunately we had our old coffee pot so I bought in and cleaned it all up and made my coffee (LOL what I will do to get my coffee). Hopefully the day can only get better!

Have a Great Day!

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